Seven Old Poderi full of atmosphere

Seven Old Poderi full of atmosphere

Fattoria di Pietrabuona has 7 farms that have preserved their ancient names (Zano, Cima a Zano, Casetta di Zano, Sondino, Piastriccio, Tremignani, Villa) that have been restored, made comfortable and full of atmosphere.

Podere Cima a Zano

On top of the hill of Zano is this farmhouse, divided into 3 apartments (Alfiero, Fienile and Tinaia) respectively for four, two and six people.

Podere Cima a Zano lies on the hilltop of Zano, furthest from the state road but in a perfect spot offering panoramic views and utter tranquility.
This farmhouse has been divided into three apartments: Casa di Alfiero, Tinaia and Fienile. Each has private entrance and outside private space which includes garden furniture and BBQ. Both parking and swimming pool are conveniently nearby.
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Podere Zano

The Zano farmhouse comprises a self-titled apartment that can accommodate six people. There is a legend about this farm which takes its name from the hill on which it stands.

There is a legend on this Podere which takes its name from the hill where it is.
Old men tell there was a little village with a church and a bell tower before the year one thousand. When the village was destroyed the bell fell down and, rolled downriver, farmers searched and dug for years sure to find it.
Nowadays, what remains of the old village is the two houses of Podere Zano, a stone path and a little chapel (“marginina”) where, according to tradition, we restored a little clay statue of the Madonna.
Between Casa di Zano and Casetta di Zano, the swimming pool makes this place very special.
It is 12 m long and 5 m wide, deepth 120-150 and  is fed by the fresh water of our spring.
Not far away from the swimming pool you will find  an area under the trees where you can have a picnic or rest on the amaca.
Our disc golf course starts here in the Podere Zano.
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Podere Casetta di Zano

The podere Casetta of Zano sleeps a namesake six-person apartment

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Podere Tremignani

This farm consists of a self-titled apartment, which sleeps eight people. A small furnished patio with a barbecue allows you to eat outside even if it rains.

Podere Tremignani and Podere Sodino offer similar panoramic views, but Podere Tremignani’s higher elevation gives a more extensive panorama, almost as if you were on a ship deck.
The hiking itinerary “Gileta” starts from this farmhouse. Its path runs uphill between the woods and meets the “Valleriana” hiking itinerary just outside the Pietrabuona property. The “Valleriana” path connects sections of the Lucchesia, Collodi, Pescia and the Pistoian Mountains.
Podere Tremignani has a single apartment large enough for 8 adults. A small furnished patio with a BBQ is the ideal place to either relax or eat even when raining.
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Podere Piastriccio

This farm is made up of a farmhouse which houses two apartments (Casa Grande and Casa Piccola for 4 people for 2) and a former hayloft for two people

Historical farmhouse, located halfway up the hill, between Podere Sondino and Podere Tremignani. Conservatively restored in 1994, the apartments retain the charm of the original building.
Ideal for families with children,who appreciate the green lawn in front of the house where the kids can play. Another source of amusement is the piglets’ nursery. Kids love feeding them fruit, vegetables and bread.
The old barn,an other building in Podere Piastriccio, has been restored, making sure that the structure and the original use remain evident.We did great use of glass, so we call it the Glass House (Casa di Vetro).
Podere Piastriccio is divided into two apartments: Casa Piccola and Casa Grande. 
Each apartment has its private entrance and outdoor space for barbecue. Shaded parking is nearby.
A free washing machine available to all guests is located in one of the old stables of this farmhouse.
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Podere Sondino

Il Podere Sondino è diviso in 3 appartamenti: I Cinghiali adatto per 4 persone, Casa di Pietro che può ospitare 6 persone e Le Stalle che è un appartamento per 2 persone. Podere Sondino is divided into 3 apartments: The Cinghiali suitable for 4 people, the Casa di Pietro that can accommodate 6 people and Le Stalle that is an apartment for 2 people.

Podere Sondino is the first farmhouse you will encounter traveling along the private road of Poggio di Zano (about 500 m. from the state road).
This farmhouse has a large balcony overlooking “Svizzera Pesciatina”: right in front there are Pietrabuona village and the cypress tree lined road leading to the Villa Galeotti Flori. Further above you may see the ancient steeples of the hamlets of Valleriana or Svizzera Pesciatina.
A canopy joins the Podere Sondino farmhouse to the metato (where chestnuts are laid to dry in the autumn), making a pleasant setting for breakfast or for a light meal (at the Stanza delle Merende).
Podere Sondino is divided into three apartments: Casa di Pietro, I Cinghiali and Le Stalle. Each of them has private entrance and furnished outdoor space.
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Podere Villa

The farmhouse is divided into 3 apartments: Casa di Gigi e Casa di Mezzo, both for 4 people, and Metato for 2 people

These apartments  are approached by a narrow road with a panoramic view over the old village of Pietrabuona. 
Outdoor furnishings include barbecue, wood oven, and laundry with drying room for all the apartments.
The building is divided in three apartments: Casa di Gigi,Casa di Mezzo and  Metato. Each of them has  its private entrance and separate outdoor space.
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