According to tradition
According to tradition

Our productions

The hills surrounding Valleriana Valley are covered with chestnut and acacia trees and are crossed by scenic streams winding throughout the woods

The Swiss economic historian Sismondi named the area “Svizzera Pesciatina” in memory of his native country.

These out-of-the-way places would seem to discourage agricultural development, but the skill of local families made it possible for many small enterprising farmers to work in the traditional ways.

Now-a-days Pietrabuona Farm owners breed pigs, which is the leading activity, and produce olive oil, chestnut flour, and honey.

Tasting our farm products - We are proud to offer you the best available products for an afternoon snack.

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The products of the farm Pietrabuona: Chestnut flour
A production of high quality

Chestnut Flour

In the past, chestnut flour was the only resource for the families in this area, ‘the poor man’s bread’! Today it has been revived as a guarantor of local tradition becoming a symbol of our cultural heritage

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Hard work for a wonderful product

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

The traditional cuisine of Tuscany would not be what it is without olive oil and the landscape would not be what it is without olive trees.

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The products of the farm Pietrabuona: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
The products of the farm Pietrabuona: Pig Breeding
A totally wild breeding

Pig Breeding

We raise “Cinta Senese”, a Tuscan breed of ancient origins.

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Only high-quality honeys


The abundance of chestnut and acacia trees in the nearby groves, prompted us to produce superior quality, single flower (monofloreale) honey: acacia honey in June and chestnut honey in July.

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The products of the farm Pietrabuona: Honey