Surroundings to visit

By |3 September 2019|

Staying at Fattoria di Pietrabuona is an excellent opportunity to visit characteristic places of a less known Tuscany and far from the routes of mass tourism. A short distance away we find Montecarlo di Lucca, an enchanting village known for the production of wine, here there are numerous wine cellars where you can taste excellent [...]

A bath in the River

By |29 August 2019|

It seems that the new frontier of tourism in Tuscany The idea is to live, or rather to relive, rivers and streams along the rivers of Tuscany, for a journey made of nature, plays of light and the sound of water flowing to the rediscovery of simplicity little things. The Pescia river flows very close [...]

Geocaching and GeoTour

By |20 August 2019|

Geocaching is an outdoor activity, it is the changing technology of the treasure hunt. You practice in part on the web and partly outdoors. Geocaching is a cultural outdoor activity with several million users around the world. It’s about finding out spots of historical and artistic interest using the geographical coordinates on your GPS. How [...]

Tuscany Disc Golf

By |19 August 2019|

Very similar to golf game with the same rules and terms: tee, hole, putt, par, but instead of the ball and the clubs will endeavor or frisbee discs that are different according to the type of pitch that you want to do. Tuscany Disc Golf course from Fattoria di Pietrabuona, 19 baskets, first path of [...]

Walks and trekking

By |17 August 2019|

La Valleriana offers surprises and fun, in many forms. Surely one of the most interesting activities is trekking, which blends perfectly with the green landscapes and slow atmospheres of this land between the Valdinievole and Lucca. La Valleriana offers surprises and fun, in many forms. Surely one of the most interesting activities is trekking, which [...]

The tuscan sea

By |16 August 2019|

The Tuscan sea offers many different opportunities for those who want to combine the blue of the sea with the green of nature. Not far from the Pietrabuona Farm, many different opportunities. For those staying at the Pietrabuona Farm we suggest to spend at least one day at the sea side! We are a short [...]

SPA and wellness

By |15 August 2019|

In Tuscany there are wonderful sources of all types of water. There are hot springs everywhere each with their own regenerating and beneficial characteristics for therapies and therapy treatments as well as for beauty and relaxation. Not only Nature and cities of art: here you can have a real experience dedicated to the wellness and [...]

The cities of Art

By |14 August 2019|

From Pietrabuona you can easily reach the cities of Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Pistoia by train You can choose, if you prefer, routes which are less known to tourists and more connected with the spirit and local people about which we would be happy to give advice. A vacation at the Farm, is not only [...]

The 10 castles

By |12 August 2019|

Pietrabuona, Vellano, Sorana, Medicina, Fibbialla, Aramo, Castelvecchio, San Quirico, Stiappa and Pontito are the names of the villages that constitute Svizzera pesciatina in Valleriana. We owe the name of Svizzera Pesciatina, which is how the hills surrounding Pescia are known, to Sismondi, an eclectic writer of early 1800.  It seems that one day, walking along [...]

Pescia and Collodi and Pinocchio Park

By |10 August 2019|

Discovering Manchester of Tuscany Pescia, which is not only the city of flowers but is also known as the Manchester of Tuscany thanks to the spinning mills, tanneries, paper mills and other factories that have written the history over the centuries, still retains its quiet charm. Of medieval origins, in the 13th century the city [...]

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