Geocaching is an outdoor activity, it is the changing technology of the treasure hunt. You practice in part on the web and partly outdoors.

Geocaching is a cultural outdoor activity with several million users around the world. It’s about finding out spots of historical and artistic interest using the geographical coordinates on your GPS.

How does it work?
Geocaching is the evolution of treasure hunting. It’s very simple! Geocachers are divided into hiders and seekers. The hiders hide the cache in near spots of interest, acquiring the geographic coordinates using a GPS. These coordinates, along with a description of the place, can be found on the official website

The seekers, in turn, will use the GPS coordinates to find the cache knowing the exact spot. To take part in the hunt and become a geocacher you must register on the official website where the global database of caches can be found. Registration is free. You must also be in possession of a normal GPS system or a smartphone.

Currently in the world there are 10 million users, 3 million caches, of which 20,000 are hidden in Italy.

Find out Svizzera Pesciatina with Geocachin

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GeoTour is a collection of caches which lead geocachers along a tour of a specific area

They can be along a path through historical sites, in a park, or even in the middle of an urban area. Each stop can include family activities, interesting facts, stories, and the best parts of the destination.

A Geotour is a key in hand marketing programme which lets us take advantage of this vast group of people, the geocachers, creating a destination which is shared worldwide.

It is strongly promoted through the social channels of and with selective newsletters.
It is a promotional investment for your region bringing the public who can become acquainted with the most exciting aspects and secrets of the territory.

In each of the 10 Castella of Switzerland Pesciatina there is a hidden multiple cache allowing you to  visit: Pietrabuona, Medicina, Fibbialla, Vellano, Sorana, San Quirico, Castelvecchio,Stiappa, Pontito.
If you prefer to have a sports or gourmet experience on the Farm, please ask us for the coordinates of the caches that are hidden in our estate when you visit us.