It seems that the new frontier of tourism in Tuscany The idea is to live, or rather to relive, rivers and streams along the rivers of Tuscany, for a journey made of nature, plays of light and the sound of water flowing to the rediscovery of simplicity little things.

The Pescia river flows very close to the Fattoria di Pietrabuona and in Sorana it is possible to immerse yourself in a beautiful wild nature, where in the middle flows the bathing river that offers enchanting views. Cold water and cool temperatures make this hidden corner of Switzerland Pesciatina an ideal place to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy nature, silence and peace that only these places can offer.

The Candalla waterfalls in Versilia, far from the confusion of the sea, a swimming stream with enchanting views, not far from Camaiore, an immense oasis of peace. An adventure park to be discovered.

Our other suggestion Gole degli Stretti di Giaredo. The canyon of the Straits of Giaredo is breathtaking, the water illuminated by the little sun that manages to penetrate the gorge takes on turquoise and green colors. The gorge is explored on foot, swimming in deep pools, climbing over boulders and rocks between the narrow rocky walls that in some places seem to almost close above the heads.