Very similar to golf game with the same rules and terms: tee, hole, putt, par, but instead of the ball and the clubs will endeavor or frisbee discs that are different according to the type of pitch that you want to do.

Tuscany Disc Golf course from Fattoria di Pietrabuona, 19 baskets, first path of disc golf in farm holidays in Italy, a service to the guests of the farm, an opportunity to play, walking through the Tuscan countryside, especially while someone is “cropping” olives or they are picking some chestnuts or porcini mushrooms up.

What is disc golf (or freesby golf)? It is a game very similar to golf with the same rules and words such as: tee, hole, putt, par, but in place of a small ball and golf clubs you need to use discs or freesbies of a different kind according to the type of throw you want to make.

The 19 holes are replaced by a metal basket fixed to a pole on which some small chains are hung which are used to stop the disc and let it drop into the basket.

Under the international rules of the PDGA, the baskets are placed at an unsteady distance, targets to centre with the lowest possible number of throws in order to get a better score.

The Tuscany disc golf from Fattoria di Pietrabuona is a 19 holed path, whose tee (starting point) is in proximity to the farm in the Zano Estate, and then it goes through an olive grove as far as it reaches a path which goes into the wood and stops near the picnic area: after so much sport, are the farm products worth tasting?